Project Description

Agata is a passionate and slightly eccentric enthusiast of cosmonautics, with a background in electrical engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology. She currently works as a construction manager, but outside of work, she indulges in her love of make-up. Agata is the visionary and driving force behind The Dots Cosmetics. Each product originates from her imagination, from the colours and formulas to the packaging, before it goes into production. Known affectionately as “Panda” among her friends, Agata is a devoted make-up enthusiast who keeps up with the latest trends and pays close attention to professionals and client opinions. This helps her understand your needs and enables us to perfect our products to meet even the highest of standards. If you have any questions or find yourself overwhelmed by the array of toppers, mats, or duochromes, Agata is here to help. Just ask, and she’ll be happy to guide you.